What can be concluded from the percentage match?

What can be concluded from the percentage match?

The chances of success for partnerships can be divided into three categories, similar to a traffic light function.

The result of the analysis gives an overall agreement of more than 60.

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With over 60% you are in the green area of ​​a partnership. From 60% overall agreement, almost nothing can go wrong, unless a rhythm is completely out of line, in a negative sense.

We understand each other, have at the same time a lot of energy for sports, work or the desire for eroticism and sex, and also enjoy periods of rest together.

If you are mentally not so fit, you do routine work or you are interested in new things during peak periods.

The joy of conviviality is equally present at the same time. So both can also enjoy these times together.

The result of the analysis ranges between 40 % and 59 %.

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Between 40% and 59% overall agreement is in the yellow area of ​​the partnership. The lower the value, the more critical it is about the partnership, the higher the better.

This does not mean that such a partnership must fail from the outset. In any case, you should also look at the correspondence of the three biorhythms in order to analyse the situation a little more closely.

A miserable mental correspondence would certainly be much more tragic for two scientists than for two people who are more likely to do routine work in their job.

For two people who are very active in sports or sex, a low level of physical correspondence would be of concern. But, with tolerance on both sides, such a partnership can survive if its interests and values ​​are not completely apart

The result of the analysis indicates that the overall compliance is less than 40 %.

Folgen einer falschen Entscheidung

Example of a real on-off relationship

Das asexuelle Paar

Example of a real platonic love relationship.

All warning lamps should be lit if the correlation is less than 40 %. Such constellations are often found in partners who are very sexually active and have a very high physical match, usually well over 70%.

You realize relatively quickly that you have little to say outside of the bedroom and don’t get along very well otherwise. The physical attraction is so great that you can always find each other again. On-off relationships are almost always based on such a constellation. Couples with special sexual practices also fit into this special partnership relationship.

But there is another interesting partnership relationship for which such a constellation is possible and can even be successfully arranged.

These are couples who love each other in a purely platonic way. Sexuality doesn’t matter to them in a partnership. For example in asexual people. Estimates assume 1-2% of Germans. After all, that’s about 2 million people. For this reason, it is also unimportant if there is practically no correspondence in the physical rhythm.

Again, the scientifically active couple must serve as an additional example. Anyone who works fanatically to research a problem has no time for sport, is so tired in the evening that they don’t feel like having sex. He is usually not interested in the partner’s clothing style or cooking skills. Social gatherings only exist at scientific congresses. A partner who has a high level of spiritual agreement with whom you can discuss your work is worth its weight in gold.

For those who are not asexual, and for those who are not fanatical and scientific, for those who are not very generous and not very tolerant, we can only advise not to enter into such a relationship.